Guernsey Government House

201 Squadron RAF Returns!

When Guernsey's Own Squadron was disbanded in 2011, their standard was lodged at Government House for safe keeping at a special event with members of the squadron and the previous Lieutenant-Governor, Air Marshall Sir Peter Walker.

They will be reforming later this year as an operational Anti-Submarine warfare unit and members of the squadron returned to the island to reclaim their Standard in a ceremony at hosted by the Lieutenant-Governor and Lady Corder.

The Bailiff of Guernsey, Richard McMahon, reaffirmed the Island's civic association with 201 Squadron as he handed over the Standard to the Standard Bearer, Flight Lieutenant Russ Smith (himself a Guernsey boy) and officially to Wing Commander Adam Smolak, Commanding Officer of 201 Squadron  RAF. The visiting contingent also reclaimed a number of other items including the Commanding Officer's Sword, a silver centrepiece and the Centenary Trophy awarded by the RAFA in Guernsey in 2011 just as they disbanded.

His Excellency was very pleased to be able to return the Standard before he leaves Office and, as a Naval Officer, specifically a submariner himself, he was especially pleased for 'Guernsey's Own' Squadron to be reforming as an anti-submarine warfare unit. 

We hope to see 201 Squadron RAF back in Guernsey in the near future. 

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