Guernsey Government House

Rotary Shoebox Appeal

The Rotary Shoebox Appeal is once again up and running and Rotary Guernesiais are collecting boxes in their new location at the old Ruette Braye Hotel (between Iris and Dora's and Jeffrey's Garage) 30 October - 6 November.shoeboxes 2021 1

Lady Corder has volunteered every year, often taking staff from Government House to help pack boxes this year, 5 of them trooped over to the old hotel to get stuck into the huge pile of boxes already donated and to feed the volunteers with freshly baked cakes. 

Despite the difficulties of Covid, 2020 was a bumper year of shoeboxes from Guernsey with an incredible 5,717 and co-ordinator Hannah Laidlow is keen but not optimistic about getting past that amazing number. The boxes go out to all ages of recipients in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania and when you see the faces of everyone who receives them, it really has to inspire you to make that effort and put a happy smile on those in difficult times. Rotary Guernesiais Website

Update: The final number of boxes was 4,488. Maybe not as bumper as 2020 but a fantastically impressive haul so thank you to the people of Guernsey for their generosity. 

  shoeboxes 2021 2