Guernsey Government House

Citizenship Ceremony at the Royal Court

On the morning of Thursday 9th December, the Acting Lieutenant-Governor presented Certificates of Naturalisation to candidates who had their applications approved by the Home Office.  

Granting British citizenship is one of the few areas where Guernsey's parliament, the States of Deliberation, does not have the power to legislate for the Island - this is an aspect of statehood and so is reserved for London which allows for the uniformity of legislation across the British Isles.

The processes for granting a person with British citizenship are long established and are done so to allow;
1. The recognition of the occasion's importance;
2. The acknowledgment that candidates accept their obligations to be loyal to Her Majesty The Queen and to respect the laws and institutions of the part of the British Isles in which they are resident;
3. The affirmation that the candidates must have a reasonable command of the English language; and
4. A test demonstrating the candidate's knowledge of life in the United Kingdom - the local test has a Guernsey element too.

At the ceremony on 9th December each of the candidates swore either an Oath of Allegiance or an Oath of Affirmation to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors.  A Pledge was also recited by all candidates affirming their commitment to be loyal and respect rights and freedoms whilst upholding the democratic values of the United Kingdom.

Following the proceedings, the candidates were each awarded a Certificate of British Naturalisation.

This occasion warmly welcomes those who were born in Sweden, Latvia and Thailand.